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Mini Wooden Hunnie Dipper (Wholesale)

Mini Wooden Hunnie Dipper (Wholesale)

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Every customer when they see this on the shelf with our hunnie: "OMG IT'S SOOOO CUTE" haha but seriously, they do. Don't believe me? Give it a try...and you're welcome for the future giggles ;)

Let's be honest. Drizzling honey from a spoon is pretty old-fashioned.

Use our Bee-Mindful Hunnie Dipper instead. Dipping your Hunnie has never been easier (or more beautiful) than with this stylish wooden dipper.

Drizzle to perfection while helping save the bees at the same time. You're going to love serving up your next finger food feast while also impressing your guests!

A little slice of summertime is always in season when you have a Bee-Mindful Hunnie Dipper on hand! Let's celebrate delicious and sustainable living together.

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