A Sweet Journey: The Story of Mindful FÜD

In a world teeming with hustle and haste, amidst the cacophony of modern life, there exists a tale of resilience, reinvention, and the sweet serendipity of purpose. This is the story of Mindful FÜD, a journey that began not just with a business but with a vision to redefine sweetness and sustainability.
It all started seven years ago when Venessa, fueled by a passion for wholesome food and a desire to make a difference, embarked on a culinary odyssey. Armed with pots, pans, and an unwavering commitment to quality, she launched Feed Me Fit - a meal delivery service, bringing nourishment and joy to countless tables. But fate had more flavors in store.
A pivotal moment came when Venessa made a profound personal choice—to embrace a plant-based lifestyle. As she treaded this new path, a revelation dawned: sweetness need not come at the expense of our planet or its precious inhabitants. With this ethos guiding her, she pivoted her business, with the help of then Executive Chef, Jake, and Mindful FÜD was born.
Yet, the journey was not without its trials. A devastating arson fire razed her business to the ground, leaving her dreams in ashes. But from the embers of despair arose a phoenix of hope, as the community rallied behind her in a remarkable display of solidarity. In just three days, over $20,000 poured in through a GoFundMe campaign, illuminating the boundless power of compassion and camaraderie.
With renewed resolve and an unwavering spirit, Venessa and Jake ( now Executive Chef & Co-Founder) set forth on a new chapter, guided by a simple yet profound mantra: to create sweetness with purpose. Inspired by the fallen apples strewn across local orchards, they crafted BeeMindful Hunnie - a honey alternative like no other, and BeeMindful Hunnie Hot - the same honey alternative, but with an added kick! Certified organic, vegan, and bursting with flavor, it not only tantalized taste buds but also served as a beacon of hope for bees and the planet they call home.
Today, Mindful FÜD stands as a testament to their indomitable spirit and their unwavering commitment to crafting a sweeter, kinder world. With each jar of BeeMindful Hunnie, they invite us all to savor the sweetness of life while honouring the delicate balance of nature—a legacy born from adversity, nurtured by resilience, and destined to leave a lasting impression on hearts and honeycombs alike.
Join us on this sweet journey, where every spoonful is a sip of solidarity, and every taste is a toast to a brighter, more mindful future.



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