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Mindful FÜD FAQ's

Check out our blog posts about why we’ve created a honey that doesn’t come from bees!  

You also may not have known...

That typically all processed sugar is not vegan because they use a filtration system that contains bone char, but recently Rogers transitioned their system to use activated carbon instead, therefore it’s perfect for our Hunnie! 

We work with FedEx, so once your order is shipped out, you’ll receive a tracking number to follow your delivery process. If your package arrives after the 3-5 days time period, please let us know by contacting venessa@mindfulfud.com or go to our chat option on the right hand side of the screen.

We work with local growers to collect the fallen or not-so-perfect apples that wouldn't make the apple beauty pageant and we resuce them before their fate to apple heaven

1. We sure do! Go to the main page and click the “WE WHOLESALE!’ tab to create an account and we will get back to you as soon as we can!


2. How do I use your Hunnie for foodservice?

Our hunnie is a direct replacement and more cost effective option than Maple Syrup, Agave and Bee Honey! The options are endless!


3. It sure is. Tested and approved! 

We do however suggest keeping your hunnie in the fridge if you like a thicker consistency.

We like to keep one out of the fridge to use in recipes and one in the fridge for things like toast!

We can’t help it. We tried not being awesome, but it didn’t work out