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Meet the dynamic duo behind Mindful FÜD, where passion for food and sustainability converge.
Venessa, our Co-Founder and CEO, discovered her love for culinary adventures at the age of 18, owning a food truck that ignited her entrepreneurial spirit. With a startup journey under her belt, Venessa seamlessly blends her expertise in marketing, product development, nutrition, brand awareness, social media, and logistics. Her true dedication lies in educating individuals about the profound impact of their food choices on the planet, and she's on a mission to make mindful eating accessible through innovative products.
Jacob, our Co-Founder and Executive Chef, has been mastering the art of cuisine since the age of 18. Climbing the ranks in various corporate kitchens, he eventually assumed the role of Executive Chef with Feed Me Fit. Jake's culinary genius led to the creation of Mindful FÜD's first plant-based alternative product. As the head of production, quality assurance, and kitchen management, Jake continues to channel his passion for developing delectable products that redefine plant-based possibilities. Together, Venessa and Jake form the heart and soul of Mindful FÜD, crafting a flavorful journey toward sustainable and mindful eating.
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