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Popcorn Chick'n (made from plants, not chickens)

No clucks, that's right!

There’s something so nostalgic about these ‘pop in your mouth’ bites!

Most people have been enjoying them for as long as they can remember, and because of that, we knew that we had to create an equally delicious, but much better (and more sustainable) option. 

Nothing tastes better than when you know that what you’re eating was sustainably sourced, locally produced, and you’re choosing not to support the commercial animal agriculture industry - we promise!

Once you pop, you won’t stop!

Pro Tip: these are so scrumptious with Hunnie Mustard to dip! Just add equal parts Bee-Mindful Hunnie, any type of mustard and vegan mayo. You'll thank us later ;)

Vital Wheat Gluten, Nutritional Yeast, All Purpose Flour, Chickpea Flour, Corn Flour, Seasoning, Soy Sauce, Oat Milk, Apple Cider Vinegar, Canola Oil

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